Monday, 2 June 2014

Plant Sale -Over for another year

We have completed the Plant Sale for 2014.  It was another success thanks to all who helped again.  The majority of the things we grew from seed made it to the plant sale but there were a few casualties en route, notably seeds which I managed to germinate but failed to thrive, Oryza, Black Madras.  A dark leaved form of rice, I managed to get more to germinate than last year but failed to get any plants to the plant sale as they all died.  Last year I managed to grow 4 plants but they didn't sell; however, I grew them on and they made a splendid foliage foil to other plants.  I think I might try them again next year but may need to grow them at home beyond the seedling stage to give them more care.  However, not to dwell on the negative, the selection of perennials was even better this year than last and nearly everything was sold.  The annuals and veg were also good and again nearly everything was sold.  There are a few plants left over but we always have some and they tend to sell in subsequent weeks as they mature.

 This is a selection of the pictures I took just before the sale started and just after the gates were opened.  The bottom right hand picture shows a ladybird larva pupating on a pepper leaf.  We were including these free!

 The sale of plants will continue this weekend, on an informal basis, while the Trading Hut is open on Sunday morning.  We hope to sell a few more, especially as some of the geraniums will be in flower,  Unfortunately they weren't in flower on the day of the sale, but people bought them anyway.

The Raffle that we held in aid of the North London Hospice raised over £100.  The prize was won by people who are opening their garden next weekend for the NGS Open Garden Scheme.  They will be raffling the magnificent standard fuchsia for charity.

We will now be preparing for the NGS Open Allotment Day on Sunday 7th September.  This should be a very much larger event than our usual Autumn Fete. We hope to raise a lot of money for charity.

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